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Would you like to be empowered from the inside--out? Join Best-Selling Author Rebecca Ondov as she shares where to begin.

Have you ever wondered if God plans "divine appointments" for you? Supercharge Your Faith as you listen to these crazy stories on "A Woman's Special Touch" of how God intervened on my (and my sister's) behalf in a situation when my sister desperately needed help--and lived hundreds of miles away and know that He'll do the same for you!

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Have you ever wondered how to discover God's Plan for you life? You'll be encouraged as you listen to my crazy story~~and perhaps it'll give you hope and help you discover yours. Join me on this interview by Norma Bonds of "A Woman's Special Touch".

I was terrified when I was faced with Grizzly bear encounters during the years I worked from the saddle, taking guests on horse pack trips over the rugged Rocky Mountain trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. Then God shared with me the power of His protection in Psalm 91. Listen now to my interview on "A Woman's Special Touch" to learn how Psalm 91 protected me from Grizzly bears and how it can help protect you from the dangers of life.

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